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Each time we explore a new C# topic on this website, I will have sample source code that you can download to supplement your learning.  I will always name my project folder the same as whatever the exercise name is, but I will append _csharpuniversity to the end of the folder name.  So for the first exercise in Getting Started with the language we explore Data Types and the project folder is called Lab1.  My associated sample source code is called Lab1_csharpuniversity and can be downloaded as a .zip file.

The following screencast video shows you how to open the sample ASP.NET project files that you download from this website using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.  This video shows you how to save a file called Lab1_csharpuniversity.zip from the website into your My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\WebSites folder.  That is the proper place to put your ASP.NET web projects on your hard drive.  Please note that I am using Winzip in this example video to unpack the .zip file.  You may not be using Winzip so that part may be a little different for you (e.g. you may be using Jzip or other browser software), but the idea is the same, you should unzip the files into the WebSites folder noted above.  Inside the project subfolder in the WebSites (in my example this folder is Lab1_csharpuniversity) will be all of the project files (.aspx, .aspx.cs, etc.).  Finally in the video, watch as I use the Open Web Site feature to open the project up in Visual Web Developer.

Click here to watch this video

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