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As we saw in earlier lessons, Visual Web Developer opens with some default working windows when you create or open a web site project.  These windows are the Toolbox, the Properties, the Solution Explorer and the Code Editor.  There may be other windows that you use as well while you are developing.  Sometimes you might close one of these windows by accident or the window may not be showing in your IDE.  In either case, it is very easy to bring back these windows if you don’t see them by using the View menu.

For example, if you do not see the Toolbox window open in your IDE, click on the View menu and choose the “Toolbox” option.  For the Solution Explorer choose the “Solution Explorer” option.  For the Properties windows choose the “Properties Window” option.  It is that easy.  Watch this sample video as I close the Toolbox and Properties windows and then bring them back by using the View menu.

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