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Every web site project in Visual Web Developer and Visual Studio has a Start Page.  The Start Page is the .aspx page that Visual Web Developer will open in your web browser when you run the application by clicking the play button.  You can change the Start Page for a web site project by right clicking on the .aspx file in the Solution Explorer that you wish to set as the Start Page and choosing the option “Set As Start Page”.  Watch this sample video to see how I set Default2.aspx as the Start Page and then run the application.  Then I set Default.aspx as the Start Page and run the application again.

**Keep in mind that setting the start page in Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio does not affect your web site deployment into IIS when you publish your project.  IIS has its own default web page that you can change using the IIS administration panel.  The start page in Visual Web Developer only affects your development environment when you run the application using Visual Web Developer.

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