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In this lesson I will cover a very basic and common task for an ASP.NET web developer: how to create new web pages (web forms) in your ASP.NET web site.  When you first create a new web site, you will see only Default.aspx in your project.  You can create new web forms by using the Solution Explorer.  Right click on the project name and choose “Add New Item”.  When the Add New Item window comes up, choose Web Form in the templates list and then enter the name of your new web form .aspx page.  You can create as many web forms as you need by using the Add New Item functionality.

Click here to watch an example video where I add some new web forms to my project.  In the video I create two new web forms called Page1.aspx and Page2.aspx.  I also deleted the Default.aspx web form that was created by default.  Make sure to choose the option to “Place code in separate file” when you create a new web form.  This creates the .cs code behind file and facilitates clean separation between the presentation layer and your C# source code.

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